Unlike other writing courses, this one is fun! Here's why:
  • I believe you are already a world class storyteller. . .

    so you have nothing to prove. You are an expert observer of people (characters), of how they talk (dialogue), and act (plot). You tell stories all day long and have a lifetime of experiences to share.

  • I use photographs in every lesson to inspire creativity.

    Instead of struggling to decide what to write, you'll jump into imagination, bypassing your inner critic, learning the skills I teach with minimal effort while having lots of fun and success.

  • I teach you to write in scene using a simple interactive scene worksheet.

    With my write-by-scene method, you don't need to outline your entire project. You'll simply make a list of events that impacted you (memoir) or your character (fiction). Each event becomes a scene, complete in itself and moveable, in whatever the direction the story leads.

Write for You! FREE Writing Class 
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This is my promise to you: I will teach you the craft of writing with my "no rules, no criticism, have fun, be open to insight" method. I will teach you how to banish your inner critic forever, so you can listen to and trust the storyteller already within you. If you do not LOVE this course for any reason, I will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Do you ever say, "I used to, I want to, I wish I could, but I can't write."

Well, I took your I can’t as a challenge! Because I know you can. Humans communicate with words—that’s how it works—and we do that by telling stories, hour after hour, all day long. Our minds are trained to sift through the mundane moments of life until we come up with a story to entertain or inform. We instinctively skip the mundane to share the exciting events that have happened since the last time we saw that friend and we tell that story.

We are all good at this, excellent in fact, world class—because we’ve spent so much time from the beginning of our lives doing that exact thing. If you doubt me, think back over the last day or two. Remember who you talked to, what you said. My guess is you told numerous stories that each had a beginning, a middle and an end. You filled in the details, described where you were when the event happened, belabored the conflict and how it was solved. If it was funny, or stressful, or sad, you might have added how the event made you feel. Your listener lived through the event with you as you told it.

So the problem is NOT with your imagination or your ability to spin a tale. The ability to create is what defines us all; imagination is unlimited and it exists inside of you.

What stops you, then, from living life with creativity oozing from every action you take?
It's the evil villain called judgment. Your INNER critic!

Here are all the ways your villain attacks:
I’m not good enough
I don’t know how
I didn’t study that
leave it to the experts
what if they laugh at me
I will fail, why waste my time
I won’t finish it anyway
You get the idea, and I bet you know your personal evil villain well. We all do. I'm here today to save you from that evil inner critic. I believe that writing is the simplest, most direct way to touch your creative center. Writing is the way human history is recorded. Writing is simply taking the story that already exists in your head-an experience, thought or idea--and recording it on paper in the same way you might speak it out loud.

Setting all that programming aside, dismissing all the I cant’s and abandoning your inner critic takes practice.
But you can do it!

Join the free class and tap into the stories that speak to you.

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Here's my challenge and promise. If you do all the lessons at least once, you’ll have enough scenes for the rough draft of a book! 

If you've been writing your life stories then you'll have the beginnings of a memoir, if you've been using fictional characters, then you'll have the bare bones of a novel.

You will notice photographs throughout this book like the ones on your left.  I discovered that photographs helped my students in unimaginable ways. Instead of struggling with what to write, or having to think about a personal event, interaction, location, or conversation, the photograph allows you to practice the skills of the lesson and then easily jump from telling the made-up photograph story, into telling your own story with ease.

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