For thirty years I've written what I was TRYING to learn and taught what I know! Untethered to any social idea of who or what I should be, I let my creative soul lead the way. My life would meander off the path and I’d follow skipping behind, always open to learning something new. Much to the frustration of some people, who thought I should stay focused and follow one area of expertise! And yet, all the small journeys—my fascination with art, drumming, dancing, gardening, dreams, tarot, astrology, and causes of ALL kinds—sparked my creative soul and fostered community which contributed so much to my work.  Looking back over the thirty years of life experience reflected in my books, I can see clearly that what I wrote at age twenty-five is EXACTLY my purpose today! My message is the same--YOU are enough, you are creative, you are powerful, you are unique, you can trust your intuition, and you are loved. My purpose in life is to empower women, no matter what stage of life you are in.

The timeline below follows the path of my adult life through the books I’ve written. You can click on a book and you’ll be transported to that learning portal. Wherever you are on your journey, whatever advise or encouragement you need right now, I offer you my experience. I hope you find the inspiration you need to shine bright!


    I wrote my first of six books in the 365 Parenting series in 1986, when my first child was born. I never dreamed it would become a published book. I wrote it because I was a controlling mom who left a binder with activities for the babysitter! Little did I know it would be the beginning of a life long journey. I started with creativity and it's where I've ended up thirty years later.


    In 1995, I was a mother with four kids under eleven when I divorced. I was still a mother, but not under any circumstance I recognized. It was from the inevitable despair, doubt, and fear surrounding divorce that I gained the clarity and perspective to summon the courage I needed to move from the darkest place in my life toward the light. It took tremendous vision and an ability to imagine the light even when I couldn’t see it. I followed this book up with The Courage to Love Again, Relationships After Divorce.


    The question I’m asked MOST is, “What was she like?” My answer is always the same, “I was terrified, until she walked up to me as I sat alone, she smiled and welcomed me to her show. Her energy was big and healing and encouraging and real. I still wasn’t calm, but I knew I was going to survive. There are people who are one person on camera and another when the lights dim. Not so with Oprah! She’s the real deal and one of my heroes to this day.


    Parenting is a juggling act! We all try to balance our personal goals, career aspirations, family expectations, our love relationships and friendships, ALL while putting our kids and their welfare first. The lessons in this book reflect ALL that I was learning as a mother as I tried to balance responsibilities to my family and commitment to myself. When I re-married at 35 years old, I had four kids under eleven. My husband had two, so together we had SIX kids under eleven! They are all grown up now, so I’ve earned the right to say—I did a damn good job!!! And the lessons in this book are still so relevant in navigating my life—now as a grandmother.

  • Activism!

    I’ve always had the heart of an activist. And in fact, all the books I’ve written are about taking action of some kind. Whether it be parenting, recovering from divorce, setting and reaching goals or self-care. I’m all about claiming your personal power to make self, family, society and the world a better, stronger, more equal, supportive place to live—for everyone! I loved working on this book because I got to talk to so many women from all walks of life and hear how they would create a world of grace and humanity.


    I can teach you to write, and I promise you'll have fun doing it! My method is simple. I take what you do naturally, all day, every day--communicate with others by telling stories--and I invite you to play with memory and imagination as you create vivid, believable scenes. I’ve taught writing now for twenty years and with this book I’ve accomplished that goal! Get started NOW. Don't waste another minute!

  • AND SOON . . . . A NOVEL!

    Through all my years of writing self-help books and magazine articles, I dreamed of writing fiction. Why? Because I was always answering questions . . . how to do this or that . . . I wanted to answer . . . I don’t know, I just made it up! I also felt that a work of fiction might have more power to influence and change than a non-fiction book. If my characters were alive to me, and if they could take on the challenges I’ve been trying to learn and teach women for thirty years, inside the confines of a tantalizing story with character’s my readers could relate to and remember, then I would have succeeded. I’m in the final editing stage! Stay tuned!!!

Life's Work Bio
I've been writing and teaching for thirty years! I am the author of ten best-selling books on parenting, divorce recovery and women’s issues with over a million copies sold and translation into six languages. My book, The Courage to be a Single Mother, was featured on Oprah, where I appeared, and facilitated a workshop for single mothers.

I am also a certified dream teacher (with Robert Moss), medicinal herbalist (California School of Herbal Medicine), permaculturist (Regenerative Design Institute), soap maker, mural artist, mother of six grown children and grandmother of eight. There are few topics that I have not tried, learned, enjoyed, celebrated, painted, taught, planted, explored or written about. I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California in psychology and religion and a MFA in Creative Writing from Pacific University. I live in Northern California where I spend my days listening to spirit, teaching, writing, playing, laughing, building community, leading workshops and being grateful every day.

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