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During this 60 minute class you will discover…


I will teach you a visualization technique to help you experience a memory or life event anew. You will collect details, remember dialogue, understand relationships and tap into feeling-all before writing a word!

Are Stories

We remember life events when they've changed us in some way. We are all born storytellers. All day long we communicate in story. The more that is at stake, the more vivid the details, and deep the emotion, the more engaging the story.

Yet to be Told

If you can step back into a memory and allow it to come alive for you, you'll be able to tell that story and bring it to life for your reader or listener. If you can tell the story, then you can write it! Putting words on paper is the easy part.

The most important work on the craft of writing I have ever read

Write Your Story by Sheila Ellison is easily the most important work on the craft of writing I have ever read. Not only does it lay out a step-by-step guide on how to create a book, it makes the whole experience fun and imaginative. With Sheila’s easy-to-use exercises and clever use of photographs, she helps quiet our inner critic, allowing us to fully express our feelings, exploring our own stories without fear. I would enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone who is interested in writing, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned author. There are treasures within that will inspire everyone!

Julia York

Sheila doesn't know the words "fear" or "failure." But she definitely knows the word "finished!"

Sheila’s enthusiasm for writing is contagious. Those times when I was ready to throw my manuscript in the trash, a class with Sheila would boost my confidence and spark new ideas to revitalize my work. She has a green thumb for growing new ideas and practical approaches for organizing them. The prompts she offers in her exercises are just what is needed when you’re stuck staring at a blank sheet of paper.

Judith Royal - Archetypal Astrologer

With these lessons, I've written things that have excited me, some that have surprised me, and even a few that have blown me away.

Sheila made writing fun. Using her easy-to-follow exercises, I found myself writing. Actually writing. Over the years, I toyed with putting thoughts on paper. It seemed daunting, I seemed unqualified. I had no idea how to start. All those obstacles meant that thinking about writing became a negative. Walking down the writing road with Sheila’s enthusiasm and knowledge made the steps easy. I have learned that there are words waiting to get out of me, I’m the only one who can access them, and Sheila’s expertise has been the key.

Brenda Herrington

Sheila’s ability to share and demystify her craft is a wonder to behold!

She is passionate about the craft of writing, is a gifted teacher, and is skilled at helping others find their unique writing voice. When I entered my first class with Sheila I had no creative writing experience, however her fun and playful writing exercises quietened my inner critic and gave me permission to just let go and explore. The stories just flowed naturally. Sheila truly believes that each of our hearts are seeded with an infinite number of stories and as a teacher she makes the process of cultivating these seeds one of joyful discovery.

Lorna Vander Ploeg

Writing my life stories with Sheila was an incredible journey of self-discovery.

The process of writing memoir is a surprisingly rewarding journey. Communicating on paper the things that matter to you leads to a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself. Like the best teachers, Sheila gives you the tools you need to write and makes sure you understand how to use them. Like the best coaches, she is a constant source of encouragement and motivation.

Linda Strober

Sheila gives you the confidence to put your life's experiences into words!

Sheila is the most amazing writing teacher. She helps you touch parts of your life and experiences that you didn’t know existed within you. And then she gives you the confidence to put those experiences into words. I was able to heal on many levels during the writing projects that Sheila had us working on. She is amazing. She brings magic to something that is so hard to do. The process really helped me to remember experiences that marked my life, and helped me see the thread of how I became a shaman. Super powerful. Thank you Sheila.

Lisa Watts Smith - Shaman, Healer, Speaker

The lessons taught me to believe in my own unique writing voice!

A great testament to Sheila’s amazing teaching is how I was able to write a 375 page memoir with only an eighth grade education. I even received an endorsement from ICM; a talent and literary agency with the most prestigious publications department in the world. Sheila’s creative exercises enabled me to clearly identify and believe in my own unique writing voice. Now with this new book, so many more people will have an opportunity to benefit from her creative, fun and instructive teaching skills and talents.

Don English - Author-The Enlightenment of Evil

Without Sheila I wouldn't have published my first book!

Without the superb guidance of Sheila Ellison and her work, “Write Your Story,” I would not have published my first memoir with Write Life Publishers. Since then, I’ve written two more books. The clear and concise way this book is laid out helps the writer feel confident learning the writing craft while connecting with personal story. I’m now onto my fourth book with more in the wings. I recommend this book to anyone who feels they have a story to tell. And, let’s face it, we all have a story we wish to leave behind.

Jackie Haugh - Author - My Life in a Tutu

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