What is your superpower?

I'm serious! What is it? Think hard. How do people you love describe you. One of my superpowers is imagining my way out of anything. No matter how big the challenge or problem I can figure out a solution. Sometimes I offer my solution whenever I see a problem. So much so, that when my kids call me and talk about a struggle the first thing thy say is "I'm not looking for a solution, I just want to talk."

Here is the truth. We are ALL fantastic, creative, imaginative, and powerful beings. Sometimes we forget that, and we keep what we've learned to ourselves, thinking we aren't an expert, or that we don't have anything important or valuable to share. After all that isn't our "profession." This is an OLD, restrictive, self defeating idea that holds ALL of us back.

Take a moment right now to answer that question for yourself. What is your superpower? Give yourself a minute and let the answer come to you, maybe you have more than one superpower. Write them down or hold them in your mind. If you're drawing a blank, then write what you MOST WANT to CLAIM as your superpower.


Every moment of EVERY day we are creating our lives, creating ourselves, creating our future. Maybe you live to create peace in the world, or amazing meals, or beautiful art, or songs. Maybe you're a teacher who lives to create a learning environment where every student thrives, or a storyteller, a magician, a gardener or fashion expert. Maybe you do the best hairstyles or Halloween make-up. Maybe you rock it at work creatively managing teams, or maybe you creatively manage your boss! Maybe you live to create LOVE in all you do.

The point is that to be alive and connected to yourself is to create.
My goal is to celebrate all your superpowers and to uncover some you may not know you have!

NOW is the time to create with abandon, dream big, be fearless, trust your intuition, and celebrate community!


write your story

To discover yourself
To imagine and dream
To a fearless life!
To a finished book
Banish your inner critic and write for FUN!


listen to spirit

Spirit is breath,love, knowledge, and listening. It is intuition. Some people find spirit in nature or a higher power. Spirit stirs within you.  It's time to start listening!


be fearless

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will! The time is now. Learn how to be fearless. It's time to leap into your life full speed ahead!

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