From the author: I received hundreds of essay submissions for this book from women of every background–with and without kids, old and young, from those who had a humorous experience with the issue they wanted to address, to those whose words screamed of injustice, inequality, and world problems so big that I would set the essay aside and stare at my computer screen, unable to move, unsure if the world was actually ready to hear the truth. What moved me most was how alike we are. Regardless of upbringing, economics, or education, underneath the skin of women is a wild, protective, nurturing strength that knows we’re in trouble. We know somehow we have to rise together and take a stand. We may disagree on the direction society needs to move in, but we all agree it needs to get moving. Women’s voices fill these pages–women who see a new world rising from the ashes of mistakes, poor choices, and lack of direction. The intent of this book is to engage your mind, heart, and imagination to the point where you feel uniquely called to participate. Change is about movement, and movement in any direction is impossible without an idea—If Women Ruled the World is full of ideas.
“If Women Ruled the World” shines the spotlight on women’s opinions and ideas and suggests concrete calls-to-action, challenging women to be true participants in leading the world. With poignant personal essays from more than 150 women, this visionary book invites women to take on today’s issues—from the personal to the political-and asks that we all rise to the occasion to create a world of grace and humanity. With women making up only 14 percent of Congress and with only eight women CEOs in the entire group of Fortune 500 companies, women’s collective voices are clearly underrepresented. Nor are they proportionately present on the airwaves or in the op-ed pages of the country’s newspapers. This book helps right that imbalance by giving women a platform for voicing their opinions, priorities, hopes, and ideas for change. The book includes short experiences, stories, thoughts, and meditations written and shared by women around the world. Authors, celebrities, experts, and politicians are included, along with soccer moms and teenage girls, creating a work that is humorous, moving, questioning, opinionated, warm, and informative as it examines what women would choose if they had a chance to participate in ruling the world. Note: A portion of this book’s royalties will be donated to the Feminist Majority.

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