How many times have your kids said, “You never listen to me!”? Or a fellow parent alarmingly asked, “You let your kid do what?” Now, Sheila Ellison reminds moms what all the hard work is for. With themes ranging from “Laugh Now, Clean Up Later” to “Bathing Suit Blues” and “The Compliment Cure,” Sheila’s common sense and warmth shine through in this companion for moms of all ages.

When the laundry looms, the carpool calls, or the fourth-grade science project is due, mothers need a reminder that the nonstop whirlwind of parenting offers some very special rewards: love, joy, laughter, and devotion. Filled with anecdotes that are profound, funny, wise, and witty, How Does She Do It? is like having a conversation with a best friend.

“Reading Ellison’s book is like getting a Vitamin C boost …Suddenly, the day seems brighter and life more sane.” (–Alameda Times-Star)

“[O]ffers essays that are short, common sense and inspirational but not sentimental…easy for the most harried mom to draw on for comfort and understanding.” (–Hartford Courant (Connecticut))

“…a refreshing collection that can be read straight through or dipped into for quick encouragement.” (–Chattanooga Times Free Press (Tennessee))

“Ellison’s common sense and warmth let you know that you’re a better mother than you think you are.” (–Asbury Park Press)

“…the book features anecdotes of all types, from the profound and funny to the wise and witty.” (–Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA))

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