Straight talk on how single moms can trust and love again. Everyone deserves the chance to love again. Sheila Ellison offers a step-by-step map to overcoming the inner and outer obstacles to finding healthy, happy love. The information and stories in this book will enable you to define the relationship you’re looking for and to determine what you need and want from a new partner. You will gain a set of love skills that, once learned and practiced, allow two people to create a relationship that really works. The book will show you how to present your real self to others with confidence, set realistic dating expectations, learn new couple skills, have great sex and successfully blend your life with a new partner. Ellison’s firsthand account and the stories of other women will help you have all the self-assurance and understanding you need to embark on a new journey of partnership, a journey that doesn’t require giving away any part of yourself.

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