[submit_testimonial]The Path to Wholeness
Step One: I Do Love Myself.
Step Two: I Know What I Want.
Step Three: My Family Is Still Whole.
Step Four: I can Choose Who I Am.

Four Simple steps. A world of truth. At last, a source of compassion and support for divorced mothers facing the realities of raising children when their lives are at their most vulnerable and their self-images at their most fragile. Sheila Ellison guides women along the path of divorce and single motherhood, through the endless decisions, the confusing emotions, and the painful memories–from admitting that their love story had no “happily ever after” to mourning the loss of dreams and even to negotiating child custody–toward freer, more stable, and happier lives. Filled with practical, reassuring advice on single parenting in the modern world, this is much more than a book on coping–it is a source of understanding, encouragement, and strength that will help single women to nurture their children, resurrect their spirits, and create the life they want.

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Esurivi enim et dedistis mihi manducare: sitivi, et dedistis mihi bibere hospes eram et collexistis me nudus et operuistis me, adipiscing ego me: infirmus, et vidi post me, visitastis me in carcere eram et venistis ad me.

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