Welcome to Soul Stories!
I am so looking forward to starting this journey with you! 
Look for an email two days before our first class with the zoom link and any other instructions.

In the meantime if you want to jump right in, take some time to think about the following questions/ideas. (this is NOT an assignment, this is simply a play exercise to get your creative juices churning).
* What are the turning points in your life when you made a choice and things changed in some way?
* What experiences have you learned the most from?
* Which memories haunt you? Is there something you can't let go of because of regret, blame, shame?
* Conversations, confrontations, commitments that influenced you.
* Who are the main character's in your life?
* Are there secrets you've never told; family secrets, secret wishes?
* What do you believe in, argue about, take a stand on and fight for?

If you have any questions before our first class please feel free to contact me at sheila.ellison@gmail.com.