• The Courage to be a Single Mother, is a landmark book offering women real life stories and practical information about the many facets of the divorce process. Sheila Ellison has drawn upon her own story of courage and determination after leaving an unfulfilling and difficult marriage, and it is through her story that others can share the deep and profound journey that women take when making such a life changing choice. The stories include women from all backgrounds and diversity which brings a global message that making the choice to be free of abuse and neglect is the right of all women. I highly recommend The Courage to be a Single Mother and hope that you will not only read it, but pass it on as a gift to others who can benefit so much.
    Victoria Marina, Half Moon Bay, CA

  • Crucial Divorce Help For Real Women, If I read one more article about how some big celebrity couple is having an amicable divorce, but the wife and kids are doing great, I think I'm going to scream! No normal woman or child can go through divorce without some emotional trauma.  Sheila Ellison's book has helped me deal with many emotional aspects of the divorce that took me months to even realize my kids and I were going through (the shock of the divorce lasts much longer than I ever would have thought).  What Sheila shares will spare you and your kids a lot of unneeded suffering. Her book got my kids and me through the worst time of our lives. Jenallee
  • I have felt so alone going through this process. Sheila Ellison is a friend who understands. And I am so grateful that she had the courage to write this book. This book is a constant reminder that we are not alone. We are all truly connected by our life experiences. Our creator is truly watching and cares. Thank you Sheila for sharing your story and giving others hope and encouragement through your story. May God continue to Bless You.(smile) L. Lindsey, Columbus, OH
  • No matter how much your family and friends love you, they cannot completely understand how you feel when going through a divorce. Finding this book was truly amazing. It became my new best friend; Sheila was there when I put out the light and there again in the morning. She tells her own story with so much grace and honesty. Lone mums can all find something uplifting here, something we recognize in ourselves and in our children. IF YOU KNOW A LONE MUM, POINT HER TOWARDS THIS BOOK OR GIVE IT TO HER AS A GIFT.
    Christina, England

  • I can’t say enough about this book. I read it once and then went back with a highlighter and reread it. I strongly recommend reading this book before you make any decisions. It gives you the courage to make the necessary decisions and takes the guilt away. I read this book the end of last summer and figured out my timeline. I told my husband the day after Christmas that I didn't want to be married anymore and I was completely honest with him about everything. Luckily, in my case, the courage to do what I did "scared him straight". It took months and months to regain the trust and finally have the courage to say "I love you, too" without being afraid he was going to revert back to his old self, but he hasn't. In 13 years of marriage, this is the first time I can truly say I am "happily married" and I really do think reading this book had a lot to do with it. I have gotten it for friends to read as well. This book will not tell you what to do, but it will let you know you are not alone and that you should not feel guilty for being placed in this position. Amazing book and an easy read! Pokemom26
  • THIS BOOK TRULY TOUCHED ME, This is a wonderful book that I fully believe can help any mother who is going through a divorce. While I count my Blessings for having not gone through a divorce myself, in fact I don't even have children yet either, but I'm still praying that maybe one day I can, someone very close to me recently has suffered through the pain of a divorce and now she faces life as a single mother of three children. So when I heard about this book, I just had to check it out because I so wanted to be better able to understand what she is going through so I could then help her better. Now that I've read the book, the best compliment I can give Sheila's beautiful and insightful book is that I want to give a copy to my friend. You know, we all have sisters and girlfriends in this very situation and it is so important for us all to be there for one another, so please read this book and then share what you've learned. I know the book has certainly helped me and I pray that it can help my friend too. Michelle, Maine
  • I learned of Sheila's book, The Courage to Be A Single Mother, after seeing her on Oprah. Sheila is an amazing author who speaks to the heart of women with children who are trying to pick up the pieces after a failed relationship. Although the book is geared for single mothers who have become single by way of divorce, many of the issues that Sheila addresses in her book such as: custody, finances, becoming whole, feeling good enough as a single mother are applicable regardless of how you came to be a single mother. Cassandra Mack author of, The Single Mom's Little Book of Wisdom

  • I recently took a head-first dive into the book, The Courage To Be a Single Mother, by Sheila Ellison -- for my second time. I first read this book in a haze almost seven years ago, when I became a single mom to my baby girl. Now the second time around, I'm more grounded and stronger. I'm truly able to swallow what Ellison says about loving myself, knowing what I want, and moving on. I greatly appreciate her insights. If you're going through a divorce, I highly recommend this book.
    Rachel Sarah, CA

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