Our Team

Sheila| Director

A born leader, Sheila's superpower is creative expression, manifesting her vision and her belief in Women's power to heal the world. Visit her Website

Julia| Treasurer

Julia is a brilliant advisor and thinker. Her superpower is empathy, fortitude and acceptance of all life throws at you. She sees the big picture and has kept Sheila on track for 43 years!

Lixuan| Secretary

A true healer, Lixuan's super power is her expansive love and ability to transform lives. She creates inner and outer sanctuary with her open heart and visionary talent.

Facilitator Mentors

Gracie| Abundance

Is a yoga teacher out to change the word. She cultivates abundance, peace and joy, on and off the mat. Visit her website

Peggy| Empathy

Peggy brings peace, focus, creativity and great care to everything she does. An artist and teacher with a heart of gold.

Lisa| Healing

Lisa changes the energy of any space she enters. She's a shaman, teacher, healer and sage. Visit her website

Mary | Adventure

Mary is a pilgrim, photographer and spiritual seeker.  Wisdom and devotion are her superpowers.

Anne| Connection

An earth mother and devoted friend, Anne is a gardener of life, a pursuer of love and centeredness.

Nancy| Wisdom

The wise woman of our group. Nancy has birthed, raised, mentored and supported women her entire life.