Welcome to Gaiasphere!

We are pleased to offer a dedicated space for listening circles. Our vision is one of belonging, community and bridging what divides us, cultivating a deep and open-minded ability to listen and be heard.

We are committed to hosting a space where our actions align with our vision and purpose. We developed the following community guidelines to provide guidance on how to engage with members of the community and what you should expect from others.

The first time you attend a circle it may feel odd to just listen to others, it might feel strange to talk and follow your own train of thought without being interrupted, advised, or challenged, but stick with it and you’ll be surprised what you discover about yourself.

Community rules

1. Please practice kindness and respect. Our format is simple, we listen.

2. We do not judge, advise, try to persuade or convince. There is no cross talk.

3. Each person gets equal time. If that time isn’t used the group is silent until that person’s time is up. This creates the space to be with what you want to share and not feel rushed. Please respect the silence.

4. We recognize that each person has her own human needs, tastes, values, goals and world views and we honor those.

5. We are bridge builders working for peace in our lives and in the world. We enter the circle with curiosity and vulnerability expecting to learn about ourselves in the sharing.

6. Every word that is said within the circle stays within the circle. This is the most important rule. Don’t talk about what you hear with anyone. Circle time is a shared space where each person needs to feel safe, heard and held. Privacy and confidentiality must be respected.

How Users Can Report Violations

The facilitator team works diligently to maintain this Support Community. A trained volunteer facilitator will be online during every circle. If anyone in the circle is not following the guidelines that person will be asked to follow the guidelines, if not followed that person will be removed from the call. We seek your assistance in helping us. You may report any interaction, experience or breach of confidentiality issues with the Support Community, please email community@gaiasphere.org, or stay on after your circle closes to speak with the facilitator.

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