You are a storyteller. You communicate with words, and you do that by telling stories, hour after hour, all day long! Writing is simply taking the story that exists in your head—an experience, thought or idea—and recording it on paper in the same way you might speak it out loud. My method is simple and fun. I use photographs to spark imagination and get you writing without thinking too hard. Every lesson teaches the craft of writing using your life experiences, and if you do each lesson by the end of the book you’ll have completed your first memoir!  Reviews and Testimonials

At last, a source of compassion and support for divorced mothers facing the realities of raising children when their lives are at their most vulnerable and their self-images at their most fragile. A guild through the endless decisions, the confusing emotions, and painful memories—toward freer, more stable, and happier lives. Filled with practical, reassuring advice on single parenting in the modern world, this is much more than a book on coping—it is a source of understanding, encouragement, and strength that will help single women to nurture their children, resurrect their spirits, and create the life they want. Reviews and Testimonials

A step-by-step map to overcoming the inner and outer obstacles to finding healthy, happy love. The information and stories in this book will enable you to define the relationship you’re looking for and to determine what you need and want from a new partner. You will gain a set of love skills that, once learned and practiced, allow two people to create a relationship that really works. This book will show you how to: present your real self to others with confidence, set realistic dating expectations, learn new couple skills, have great sex, and successfully blend your life with a new partner.

If Women Ruled the World shines the spotlight on women’s opinions and ideas and suggests concrete calls-to-action, challenging women to be true participants in leading the world. With poignant personal essays from more than 15 women, this visionary book invites women to take on today’s issues—from the personal to the political—and asks that we all rise to the occasion to create a world of grace and humanity.Reviews and Testimonials

The ultimate daybook for every mom—101 inspirations to remind mothers that all the hard work is worth it! This is your invitation to sit down with me for a cup of tea. We need to be reminded why we do all the homemaking, cooking, loving, and working. How Does She Do It? Shines a light on the glorious success that every mom is, even on the most hectic days. How do we do it? Take a break, pull up a chair, and share the secrets and rewards of motherhood.Reviews and Testimonials


365 Parenting Series

Encourage your child’s creativity with 365 fun, simple activities using materials you have at home. These activities don’t require many trips to the craft store for elaborate materials, but instead encourage children to create and explore using common household items. The adventure starts in your pantry, your backyard, or your catch-all drawer!

“Projects that you can do with your kids, and even better, activities they can do by themselves.”—Family Circle
“Now there is a solution to every day of the year.”—Parenting

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365 Parenting Series